Lucinda’s Story

Lucinda’s Story

Lucinda Rae is an artist whose work transcends the canvas to inspire introspection and creativity. Based in the heart of Portland, Oregon, her studio is a sanctuary of light and creativity, where she weaves magic with vibrant colors and luminosity. With an art desk bathed in forest-swept breezes and the comforting aroma of chai, Lucinda’s artistry flows forth, guided by the rhythm of life itself.

Lucinda’s artistic journey as a multi-published, award-winning artist and author, her creations are an alchemical blend of inspiration for your inner creative fires and the awakening of your spiritual self. She is not just an artist but a Soul Art® Guide, facilitating spiritual awakening, creative expression, healing, and the kindling of expanded magic to enhance life’s magnetism and meaning.

Lucinda’s artwork is a testament to her connection with the divine, often exploring the archetypal feminine through what she calls “The Anointed Woman.” Her canvases come alive with the angelic realm, mystical themes, and an abundance of botanicals and florals. It’s a celebration of the sacred interwoven with the ordinary, a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, and the divine magic within.

Lucinda’s creative repertoire spans a wide spectrum of mediums. She wields traditional tools such as oil, acrylic, chalk pastel, watercolor, ink illustration, graphite, collage, and photography with mastery. In the digital realm, she harnesses the power of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator to create art that transcends boundaries.

Lucinda’s accolades are a testament to her talent. Her illustrated book, “Psalm 23: You Are With Me,” won multiple awards in 2022. She has also graced exhibitions, including a showcase at the Mikveh Conference in Los Angeles in 2018 and a Nectar Gallery Show for the Santa Barbara Art Walk in 2016. Notably, her soulful art adorns the wall of the De La Sol Yoga Studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, as a captivating mural.

Lucinda extends her artistic journey beyond her studio, sharing her knowledge and inspiration with others. In 2020, she initiated the “Paint Night Pajama Party,” a series of online art classes that provided a creative lifeline during the challenging times of the pandemic. Over the years, she has offered private art lessons, guided as a Soul Art Guide for women adults, volunteered as an art teacher at Topa Topa Elementary School, and conducted numerous online classes and courses.

Lucinda’s wisdom and creativity also grace the pages of publications such as Sage Magazine, Aspire Magazine, Bella Magazine, and Spirited Woman. Her written works, including an illustrated children’s book and coloring books, stand as beacons of inspiration, inviting readers to explore their brightest selves.

Lucinda’s educational journey has been as diverse as her artistic one. She holds an AA in Graphic Design from Linn-Benton Community College, a solid foundation upon which she has built her remarkable career. Additionally, her Soul Art Certification in 2015-2016 deepened her understanding of the profound connection between art and the human spirit.

Lucinda Rae is not just an artist; she is illuminating the path to the inner self through the radiant medium of art. Her work transcends boundaries, inviting us all to embrace our own creativity and spirituality, and to see the magic that surrounds us in the ordinary and the extraordinary.