Commission your own Prophetess Portrait

Created in high vibrational consciousness + prayer for you to have in your home so you can look at it and remember your truest self.

If you have ever wanted to capture the essence of your inner light and higher purpose, you can with one of my custom Prophetess Portraits.

You provide a couple of photos (don’t worry I’ll guide you) and I intuitively tune into your spiritual frequency to reveal and honor the wisdom, truth, and visionary within you.

Owning your one-of-a-kind Prophetess Portrait provides:

  • A sacred mirror to connect with your highest self
  • Inspiration to walk your unique soul path with courage and grace
  • A focal point for meditation, reflection, and self-realization
  • An heirloom to pass down, blessing future generations with your light

Let your inner voice be seen. Allow your truth to shine.

Commission a Portrait, glimpse your soul, and step into your power as the visionary Prophetess you were born to be.

My Vision

I believe there is prophetess energy within every woman – an inner light waiting to be illuminated. My passion is creating soulful portraits to help you connect with your highest self and step into your sacred purpose.

CONTACT HERE ME to inquire about your unique piece.

It is my honor to paint your unique soul essence,  a sacred mirror to inspire personal growth for years to come. Here’s to letting your truth and beauty shine bright with a Prophetess Portrait! ❤️‍🔥

 The Portraits

Each Prophetess Portrait is a custom, visionary piece rendered in a striking palette (with optional gold leaf accents). I tap into the essence of your spiritual frequency, depicting the visionary, wisdom and truth that resides within. Pieces are created on archival canvas in your choice of two preferred sizes:

  • 16″x20″ – Ideal for intimate spaces or personal altars (will be mostly just a face)
  • 24″x36″ or 36″ x 48″ Breathtaking focal point for larger rooms

The Process

Commission your Portrait by completing our online form that will be sent after payment. Provide photos/insight into your essence and help me tune into your frequency. (I’ve done this for years also with my visual branding clients.)

Over 3-4 weeks, I will journey into your essence to translate the visionary Prophetess within onto canvas. You’ll receive necessary updates with preview images to ensure the piece genuinely reflects and honors your light.

Once complete, I will ship to you (cost depends on location) with insurance protection.


“Look at this beauty that arrived today to remind me of my powerful Goddess energy. It will be hung in my office where I do my best work. Looks even better in person. Thank you Lucinda Rae for your creative talent!” – Justine Arian-Edwards

“Omg I lovvve!!!!! Thank you l  beauty. You have such a gift.” – Lisa Beck