Mama Hawaii, Original Oil Painting, 30″ x 40″

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Mama Hawaii
Original Oil Painting, 30″ x 40″
Canvas will be rolled up and shipped in a tube to the states and beyond (including the Hawaiian islands)

Mama Hawaii
by Lucinda Rae

“I am here for you
When the fires burn
In the longing of your heart
Of creation to return

May they burn fully
Catalyzing past debris
To burst open in truth
And awaken from new seed

For when the hardened shell cracks open
Newness rises where there once was not
In the death comes new life
And all in between as part of the holy plot

From the bosom comes a river
Replanting in strength and sinew
Your belly brings effortless wisdom
That grows the flower anew

Release this idea that time runs out
Soften, my dear
The fruit of life is everywhere and everything
When you have the heart to see and the eyes to hear

You are crowned as creation
So go and walk forth this day
Ushered by elementals that rise from within
Blessed in every way.”

Mama Hawaii by ©️ Lucinda Rae


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